Kaiu Anzu

First of the Foremen


Compared to the current version of noblewomen, Anzu is… A bit average in the looks compartment. Apart from the red scar on the left of her face, however, she looks strong and healthy, probably also a good trait to have in this age. Her one remaining dark gray eye is vivacious and inquisitive, framed in between dark brown, roughly cut neck-length hair, usually worn pretty much loose around her.

Anzu prefers wearing armor in daily life, usually something homemade from her holding’s smithies. She does know how to carry a kimono and tends to do so at very formal gatherings, but security clearly comes first.

It certainly does when one tends to speak one’s mind, like Anzu also does. Only 18, she has already developed a reputation for being direct and plain-spoken, not mincing her words. She can be greedy, unruly, prejudiced and, at times, overambitious, and has big plans for going forward, but for now, she is mostly vocal about finding a husband and keeping those pesky monks away from her.


Anzu was born 18 years ago, the first child of Kaiu Kunihide and his wife Arimi. Her father died when she was just four years old, anc caused some controversy by naming his eldest daughter heir instead of Anzu’s younger brother Kunimune. It caused several illegitimate siblings and cousins to depart the service of the family, though as most of the family met with early, unfortunate ends, it has rarely made a difference.

Anzu and her younger brother was raised by their uncle Kunitoki, who taught them both the family’s passed down skills, until he himself was killed by falling from a horse a year or so prior to current day. Anzu has consistently proven that she is probably the more skilled of her and her brother, but is still wary of certain members of her family who might be uneasy of the name and estate disappearing with her in the future.

Anzu knows her grip on power is still precarious, but she will also fight tooth and nail to keep it, so things are sure to not be boring.

Kaiu Anzu

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