Shosuro Shizuka

The Lady of the Shosuro Family.


After her father died at the age of 8, Shizuka was primarily raised by Shosuro Yuuji, both her sensei and uncle.

He was a cruel teacher who held the sole drive that she would need to have a soul of steel in order to survive in this world as a woman who heads a family such as theirs.

She learned from him, and many of her other relatives, all while looking after her younger brother. She never thought of him as one to replace her, and surprisingly despite the cruel streak he has in him, he doesn’t seem to seek to replace her.

This comes from the ideal of loyalty that the Shosuro hold very dear. It is necessary in order for them to live a dignified life.

Growing up she had some friends, people who she thought would be able to serve her and be served by her in return. She had known Kuni Kibatsu for some time, and learned to appreciate his grim demeanor, as it quickly became apparent they were both people who saw necessity where others could only be indecisive. She became friends with Kaiu Anzu, treating her much like a younger sister, as she saw talent in her focus, but trouble for her as she lacked a certain sense in delicate matters.

Most recently, she befriended Ikoma Norihiro, Anzu’s cousin and also seemingly a friend of Kibatsu’s. She finds him to be her equal in court, perhaps a friendly rival, but most importantly she appreciates his talent in the art of composition; in poetry and prose both. Something the Shosuro family has always taken to with their plays.

Moving forward into her future as a daimyo she seeks to win her people’s support, finish her father’s plays, and learn the secret of their family curse. She wants to hear thunder, to see lightning, and not wonder what terrible fate awaits her bloodline.

Shosuro Shizuka

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